Step 1: Spray a single body panel with waterless car wash.

Use enough waterless car wash to cover the entire panel.  Because you’re not flooding the panel or the entire car with lots of water from a water hose, which provides lots of lubrication,  you make up for this by using lots of waterless car wash on each panel to ensure there’s plenty of product, which provides lubrication.

Step 2: Start in the middle of a panel and make a single wipe.

This side of the towel is now used and do not use it again as you will wipe any dirt collected onto this side over the next section of paint potentially putting swirls and scratches into the paint.

Step 3: Flip to the opposite side and make another wipe next to the first wipe.

Now this side of the towel is used so do not use it again.  The goal is to avoid cross-contamination but at the same time, get as many single wipe passes as possible out of a single towel.

Step 4: Re-fold the towel to expose clean, fresh sides or sections of towel.

Open the folded towel and then re-fold to put the two used sides on the inside leaving two unused sides on the outside and make two more passes over the panel making only one pass with one side of the folded towel.